8 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

şarkı söylerse


Iceland would be killer

Does it mean Iceland would be great?

Yes it did mean, that

Yes I did mean that visiting Iceland would be great

What if in my exploring eyesland a whale eats me?

It is crazy warm today like june

Benny and june and juno came to my mind

Travelling soon?

Heading to the north said karya

How is time going?

Maybe in the story I ask you

Would want go back?

Knowing that I could send only you back

Wanting you to be here, now

So does here means back?

You are needed to save that decade

So that you have another chance to save this one.

Back and forth does it matter?

Are you familiar to the emotion that

You are falling and you are aware of the sleep you’ve been in, you neither wanna wake up nor fall

(I can’t find the whale text yet)

Maybe we only know how to safely send one person back

Why back? Back and forth does it matter?

Maybe the circle is involved


Maybe there is risk to the circle

Karya is one need to save and plant song seeds to reshape humanity.

We keep trying we hope that it will work this time

We keep trying we hope that it will work this time

We keep trying we hope that it will work this time

Will we try again?

We will try again if not

It’s been a long time since I’ve have had a dream with falls

What is in my exploring eyesland

A whale eats me?

Changed my mind

You will sing to whale

It will dance to your song

Then it will take wherever you wanna go

Whale will dance to your song

Whale will chance it to my song

Changing and dancing to my song

I guess a song dance to itself also

Then I said why I shouldn’t speak to song

I will speak to the song

Heyy song

Speak to the song

Heyy song

I’m speaking to you

Your stay is under my tongue between my lips

Hey jell with me

I will tell her the story of you

you danced and sing and changed the whale from inside

Float and fall song

Stories to the universe/5:36AM in there/12/36PM in here

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  1. Gözlerimi kapadım, şarkını dinledim ve yolculuk hayalleri içerisinde kendimden geçtim. Çok güzel bir İzlanda yolculuğu yaşadım sayende. Hayaldi belki ama gerçekmiş gibi hissettim.

  2. ya gerçek olan hayellerse, ya gerçekmiş duygusunu veren hayallerse, rüyalarımızın ardından mı ağlarız, hemen uyurmuyuz!