7 Nisan 2010 Çarşamba

stories to the universe

once I found a great tune
tune of the steppes
tune of the throat of the sky of the steppes
he once wrote
the good traveler
has no destination
and is not content
upon arriving
just yesterday I was thinking
about going away
but favouring only the way
not the destination
then he said good to hear from you
I am never more at home
than when I am without a home
traveling suits me
we are all in this together
so save up enough to pack
a backpack and buy a ticket
thats all you need
hey your words are thankyouly great
so pure so real
and so real
karya will be dancing and singing
in an indian sunset drenched cloth
as I slept karya drank in
her song and danced in the
indian sunset with remnant
wisps of smoke
lingering and swirling around
in the hot summer night
And I was at peace

6 Nisan 2010 Salı

evrene cümleler kayit iki

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